A lot has been said about shared workspaces. And whether those benefits are social or financial, they can’t be argued. That being said, private workspaces can be just as beneficial and have distinct advantages.

Having a private workspace allows you and/or your employees to work within your own confines. You have control over the sounds, smells, and sights. You know your optimal work environment, and a private workspace allows you to build that environment. And while shared workspaces partitioned by cubicles or dividers allows for lower cost work environments (as a result of more people in a shared space), private workspaces and offices allow each individual more space for themselves. More space creates more comfort, and more comfort can lead to more creativity & productivity.

Personal workspaces also carry a sense of prestige and pride. A lot has been said over the years about having your own office, and that sense of pride is carried over into creating a space that is professional and well looked after. Your office space speaks volumes about your business, and a beautiful workspace with privacy can show potential employees and clients that you’re well established. A well-established company attracts the best and brightest in both talent and clients.

Also, consider yourself and your work style. With a private workspace, you can choose if you are ready to collaborate, or if you’re in a head down work day simply by closing your door. This can help productivity and make more effective use of your time. In the event of collaborative work requirements, a shared office/lounge/common area can be used.

While there are advantages to open and shared workspaces, private workspaces allow yourself, or your employees to be themselves and work at your/their own rhythm and space while maintaining focus. And when you are focused, you are productive!