Instagram stories are EVERYwhere. 500 million people use them every day. And with a third of the most viewed stories coming from businesses, it’s obvious that it’s important for your company to take advantage.

But what are they even used for?

Instagram stories give your business the opportunity to showcase the regular things you do day after day. Not everything you do every day is mind-blowing and life-changing, and because of this, some businesses don’t post enough. Instagram Stories give you more content to post, simply by lowering the bar of what can be posted. A lower bar, means more content being posted more consistently. This translates into more awareness for your brand. Your audience wants to get to know you, and Stories help them to do that.

Instagram stories give you an awesome opportunity to engage with your followers that other platforms, including your Instagram Timeline, don’t afford you. By using polls, questions, or AMA’s, you get to build a relationship with your followers, further cementing your brand. Add in the fact that 37% of a businesses engagement is coming from their stories, but only 50% of them are using them, means that you’ve got a chance to get ahead of the curve and become the business of choice for your audience.

Instagram Stories have the advantage of being a casual part of a casual platform. Instagram posts should look good, but they don’t have to be completely professional. Instagram Stories gets to go a step farther and be completely casual, and off the cuff. What does being casual do for your business? Well, it allows you to be more personable. Personality builds a brand, and at the end of the day, Instagram is best used as a brand-building platform.

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