At StanceWise, we talk a LOT about P.A.T.H. and we do that because we believe in it. We use it every day. We also recognize that a lot of businesses are good at Planning and Acting, but haven’t had the chance to learn how to Track and Hone.

Achieving great results are what help businesses move to that proverbial next level. the question is often“How do we get results?” Results are directly related to your actions. So, in the same way that you need actions before you see results, you should be tracking actions before you track your results.

Why Track Actions?

Tracking your actions provides a host of benefits. First and foremost: accountability. By committing to tracking your actions, you are now accountable to do so. Accountability is often a catalyst for action.

Time spent is a major factor in any business. By tracking your actions, you can put a dollar amount on how much your time is worth to make sure that what you’re doing is financially beneficial to you.

Also, Return on Investment (ROI), and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) are both great measurements to find out if your work is worthwhile. By tracking your actions, you will be able to see have a clearer understanding of how your work is affecting your bottom line.

What Should Be Tracked?

Everything. Well, not EVERything. You’ll want to track any marketing activities that you do. For example, Google Ads campaigns, Facebook posts, YouTube Videos, and your site Analytics. All of these things play into your marketing actions. Don’t worry about results, yet. Actions precede results, so let’s start there.

Remember: If it’s a marketing activity, track it.

How Often Should Should Actions Be Tracked?

This part becomes a matter of preference. It really depends on how much activity you’re doing. Some may say monthly, but others may say differently.

We recommend starting by tracking weekly. After a month, review after you’ve tracked to start looking for patterns. This will also help you build some tracking and acting habits. After that first month, keep doing your activities, but track them monthly. 

How To Track?

Tracking can come in many forms. We believe in dashboards. Having everything in one place allows for easier access. Try out our Digital Marketing Activity Dashboard.

Digital Marketing Activity Dashboard